Instagram Challenges

Or how the # has become second nature... It is a fact that I love Instagram, and I am always amazed and delighted by the creativity out there that I can peruse... from nature photography to food to clothes to interiors.  It means I follow so many people that it takes ages to scroll through … Continue reading Instagram Challenges


More Starbucks Pumpkin Heads….

As mentioned previously in an older post, I had to source pumpkin heads for a shoot for Starbucks' Instagram UK stream for Prescription Agency. The campaign is now rolling out and here are more of the pictures, I think they are hilarious. How no one in the background looks bemused I do not know.... That … Continue reading More Starbucks Pumpkin Heads….

Autumnal Walks & Sloe Gin

Autumn in all her glory Today I went on a magical walk with my family in some Berkshire woodlands and captured some stills of autumn looking amazing.  We had a family lunch for my husband's birthday and then headed out for a long walk.  Here are my beautiful girls who happily pottered with me and … Continue reading Autumnal Walks & Sloe Gin