Art Lessons


On top of the interiors that I love doing, I also love creating things with adults and children.


I run workshops in sculpture, decorative pieces for the home, paper and plaster work for adults through The Workshop Cabin.  These tend to be 2-4 hours long depending on the pieces being created.



For the past few years I worked in schools delivering specialist Art lessons for 4-11 year olds, plus large Art Weeks for whole primary schools.  I worked with my partner in crime Marianne, and our mission was to unlock and encourage the artist in every child.  It is amazing to see what children can grasp and learn artistically, they don’t seem to have any restrictions that some adults feel.  There is nothing better than seeing a child who starts the day saying ‘I’m no good at Art’ develop into a confident and thrilled artist within as little as a few hours.  It is such a great feeling to work doing something you love, and it also leaves us both time to pursue our other interests – I love interiors and upcycling and Marianne is a master at jewellery making and textiles, so we reflected these in the activities we created for the children.

We worked mainly in the South of the UK, although we did travel further afield for a whole art weeks, and have created all sort of things from Living Willow sculptures to huge group artworks to individual projects for schools.  We taught the children a huge range of techniques; sculpture, textiles, printing, photography, etching, pottery, jewellery making and more.  We also threw in Art History to the sessions as well, so that the children got a historical and social perspective on certain forms of Art.

We have a Facebook Page and a website where you can see the sort of work we did.


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