Welcome to Make!  I am Emma, and live with my husband and two daughters in a sleepy market town in the south west of England.

This blog is all about the aesthetic, from homes to art to photography to crafts.  Actually, that sounds a little pompous so here is a realistic version…!

I basically just love to get creative with interiors and making things for my home. This site is about things I find to make, decorating my home, friends’ homes (if they let me), and generally attacking anything static with paint, glue guns & fabric. So far I have avoided wallpapering my children, but you never know, it could happen…

I think you really can make a home beautiful on a budget, and I am a great believer in upcycling and renewing older items whenever possible.  I take influences from anywhere; Fine & Contemporary Art, Photography, Nature and Film.

I currently do a multitude of things involving design.  I renovate properties.  I teach Art, Photography & Craft Classes and Arts Weeks for adults and also children aged 4-11 in Primary schools across the UK.   I also paint and make Art from vintage papers and books which sell via Galleries and Artisan Fairs.  I studied Film, Video & Photographic Arts at Uni, and then moved into Film & Television where I started out making sets and ended up producing, directing and being a Commissioner.  So I suppose that visual design has always been part of my psyche.  I have always restored my own houses, and over the past couple of years have started Interior Design work and Property Renovations for others as well as teaching and painting.  So I am a bit of busy bee, but very happy!

I hope you enjoy the blog, and get inspired to start decorating and making things yourself.

Emma x


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