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This website is all about the aesthetic, from homes to art to photography to materials and fabrication.  Actually, that sounds more than a little pompous so here is a realistic version…

This site is all about interior design and the way it affects our lives. I am a firm believer in using and developing this to enhance the lives of others as well as my own.  I think you really can make surroundings beautiful on a budget, and I am a great believer in upcycling and renewing older items whenever possible.

I take influences from anywhere; Fine & Contemporary Art, Photography, Nature and Film, plus of course the marvel that is the internet.

I currently do a multitude of things involving design in my life.  I am a student at the University of the West of England on the Interior Design BA (Hons) degree, where I am developing my skills in design across wider disciplines.  In the past I had my residential interiors featured in magazines like The English Home, 25 Beautiful Homes and Mein schönes LandHaus, but felt that I needed to push my boundaries, especially in commercial design and fabrication.  I am loving the course and the variety of projects we do.

I have always worked in design and creative fields.  I have renovated many properties, both my own and for others ranging from Grade II Listed buildings to modern apartments and even a tattoo parlour.   I have run social media feeds and created web content for clients ranging from financial institutions to luxury pet gifts.   I used to create prints and 3D works from vintage papers and books which sold via Galleries and Artisan Fairs.  Until I started back at University, I also taught Art, Photography & Craft Classes for adults and children aged 4-11 in Primary schools across the UK.

Originally, I studied Film, Video & Photographic Arts at Uni, and then moved into Film & Television where I started out making sets and ended up producing, directing and being a Commissioner.  So I suppose that visual design has always been part of my psyche.

This site shares my design journey, along with tips on fabrication and the theoretical elements of my development.


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