Welcome and Hello!

I am Emma, and I live in the South West of England.  If you have found this blog, and wonder why and who is this person waffling about interiors and making things, well it is basically because I love interiors and making things… and blogging is a fab way of sharing information and ideas.

This blog is all about the aesthetic, from homes to art to photography to crafts.  Actually, that sounds more than a little pompous so here is a realistic version…

I basically just love to get creative with interiors and making things for my home. This site is about things I find to make, decorating my home, friends’ homes (if they let me), clients homes, and generally attacking anything static with paint, glue guns & fabric. So far I have avoided wallpapering my children, but you never know, it could happen…

I think you really can make a home beautiful on a budget, and I am a great believer in upcycling and renewing older items whenever possible.  I take influences from anywhere; Fine & Contemporary Art, Photography, Nature and Film, plus of course the marvel that is the internet.  I have a possibly unhealthy pinterest & instagram obsession, and follow lots of interiors blogs all over the world where I can marvel at the creativity of others out there.

I currently do a multitude of things involving design in my life.  I renovate properties.  I teach Art, Photography & Craft Classes for adults and also children aged 4-11 in Primary schools across the UK when time permits.  I run social media feeds and create web content for clients reneging from financial institutions to luxury pet gifts.   I used to paint and make Art from vintage papers and books which sold via Galleries and Artisan Fairs.  Originally I studied Film, Video & Photographic Arts at Uni, and then moved into Film & Television where I started out making sets and ended up producing, directing and being a Commissioner.  So I suppose that visual design has always been part of my psyche.  I have always restored my own houses, and over the past few years have started Interior Styling work and Property Renovations for others as well as teaching and painting.  So I am a bit of busy bee, but very happy!

I really hope you enjoy the blog, and get inspired to start decorating and making things yourself.

Emma x


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