The Top 10 Things You Never Get Around To Doing In Your House

The lists just keep coming!  Here are my Top 10 things I never seem to get properly done in my home.... sinful but true...  Cobweb Removal However much I try, these things just keep coming.  I live in a period house with 12ft ceilings, so those little weaving people have a lot of space.  Sometimes … Continue reading The Top 10 Things You Never Get Around To Doing In Your House


Designs on Autumn and Halloween… Part 1

Pumpkins and spice and all things nice.... So now, as we head into Autumn, my thoughts are turning to russet tones, cosying up the house and prepping for Halloween here.  Although it is not a huge deal in the UK compared to the States, my daughters still love it and it is nice to see … Continue reading Designs on Autumn and Halloween… Part 1

Top 10 Home Accessories That Show You Are A Grown Up

Following on from my Top 10 decorating mistakes to avoid, I started wondering about what objects signify that one is finally being a bit more mature and can be classed as a grown up.  Here is the list... what remains a secret is whether I have all 10. 1.  A proper coffee machine Not just … Continue reading Top 10 Home Accessories That Show You Are A Grown Up

Grrr…. online scammers…… beware…

I have had my first near-miss experience of a totally revolting con via internet selling this week.  I am sharing with you, as a) cannot believe I was targeted and am loudly indignant, and b) apparently this is a well-used scam and a lot of people fall for it.  So beware if anyone does the … Continue reading Grrr…. online scammers…… beware…

Top 10 decorating mistakes to avoid

Sometimes, however hard you try, certain mistakes come up again and again.  These are my top 10 peeves in interiors which I have been mulling over this week.  Feel free to add more in comments. The paint colour that looked so good on the tin but in fact is actually hideous. This is the one … Continue reading Top 10 decorating mistakes to avoid

YES! I got to go to Dismaland!

Visit to Dismaland After a nail biting queue online, I managed to procure tickets to visit the Art sensation that is Dismaland, put on by Banksy in Weston-Super-Mare.  This exhibition was not only his own work, but he curated many other global contemporary artists for the show. I love Banksy; he is irreverant, political and … Continue reading YES! I got to go to Dismaland!

The humble Moppe drawers

a universal product I had a family member visiting us once from Australia, and their small daughter pointed at some IKEA Moppe drawers in our house and she chirped 'We've got those at home'...  We also had the same plastic kids mugs and flower plates, so I am sure she felt comforted by those worldwide … Continue reading The humble Moppe drawers

Building a Fine Art Website

dabbling in the html word I have in the past built CMS websites for people, schools and businesses but purely as a hobby/sideline and via word of mouth, and last week I was commissioned to come up with a design for a very simple and clean website by a private Art Dealer that I encountered … Continue reading Building a Fine Art Website