Breakfast Room makeover reveal

I have spent the last two days clambering around my breakfast room with paint in hand, and turning it from a very sedate and calm green into a zinging, intense deepest blue.  It all started with some botanical prints that I spotted online at  vintage printables. These were really intense botanical images against dark backgrounds, … Continue reading Breakfast Room makeover reveal


An educational Art Week for very little people….

Although most of the blog tends to be about Crafts & Interiors, I also tutor art to children and paint myself.  Last week I was in London to run an Arts Week for 4-7 year olds at a Primary School.  They are very small, and there are 3 classes per year group and three year … Continue reading An educational Art Week for very little people….

Tattoo Parlour Reveal – Main Entrance and Shop Area

Finally we are at the end of the long road to finishing the main reception and shop area at Rocket Queen.  All the furniture is in, the stock is displayed and we can now turn to finishing the other studios rooms. Scroll down to the bottom for the full before and after photos, quite a … Continue reading Tattoo Parlour Reveal – Main Entrance and Shop Area

‘The Great Wave Off Cornwall’ – Art & The Map of Cornwall exhibition

I have recently completed an art piece for an exhibition for the Cornish Gallery POP, who are running a show later this summer called Art & the Map of Cornwall. Various artists were given an old large map of Cornwall, and asked to create a new piece of work around the piece that is inspired … Continue reading ‘The Great Wave Off Cornwall’ – Art & The Map of Cornwall exhibition

Mercury Glass

This is such a great craft to do, will be attempting it immediately…

happy day andi

I m so excited to share this project with you! I have been saving jars for years now. Like, I have them stored in so many cabinets in 20 years I am still going to be finding them hidden all over. But I think I finally found a purpose for them! Some of them, at least! I have seen the mercury glass jars everywhere lately and I really like how they look. No way am I paying for them though. I came across Wedding Party’s post and could not believe how easy it looked. Like, all I had to buy was the mirror paint? Really? Totally worth the try. And the directions were so clear! I really don’t even have any tips, other than follow the directions. The directions say to wait a 30 seconds before blotting your glass after spraying it with the mirror paint, but when I did…

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Cooking in the dark.

Love these ideas….

Sally White Designs







Main image. Use other shot for left hand planks.

The idea of using black when decorating can be a daunting thought.

However, it really isn’t as scary as you might think.

The colour black (or non-colour)  gives your eye something to focus on rather than drifting around a room full of pale neutrals.

If your kitchen doesn’t benefit from natural light you can combat this by using reflective surfaces, opt for a gloss finish or mix it with light neutrals.

Or begin by simply adding a splash of black whether it be a pair of lamps, kitchen chairs or a painted wall, the effect will instantly add depth to your room.

The beauty of black is that it can be used to create a sophisticated, modern look or to create a rustic, country feel.

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