Tattoo Parlour update part 2

Rocket Queen tattoo shop is slowly moving on, and whilst plumbing and heating is sorted out this week, I am working on the main studio.

The room had some ugly doors faced in ply, and to hide the hideousness I have faced them in bookcase mural wallpaper. This is really easy to do and transforms them!

Once they were done they had to be sealed to make the paper non-porous for Health & Safety. I used a matt tough varnish to make them scrubbable and hygenic.

Filing Cabinet Before & After

Patient records legally have to be locked away, and we bought a second hand filing cabinet for £25. But as you can see from the photos it is pretty ugly… So wrapping paper to the rescue for a quick overhaul. This will go in the main reception area which is VERY colourful, so I hunted for zingy paper.

I found this paper in two colourways at Ikea, and used PVA to wrap the cabinet in it. It will need a few more coats to make it as tough as an old boot, but it looks way better than the original.

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Diy mugs

Brilliant idea, get those pens out…


Waking up early and seeing a beautiful mug full of very hot coffee is the best way to start the day. Of course all mugs have the same function, but a beautiful one can make you see the world more beautiful. If it has a beautiful message it can make you smile from the very first moment of the…

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I SAW this and had to make some more…..

My husband bought me home a beautiful, and bit odd, gift recently…. this amazing saw with message painted onto it:

IMG_9368This is serendipity I am sure, as I am helping my friend design her tattoo parlour ‘Rocket Queen’ at the moment.  So I decided to make some for the shop that she can use…. after much font investigation and paint sampling, plus a trip to the local junk shop for saws, here are the results:

I basically upcycled some old saws, painted the metal black and then painted the fonts and decorations on after tracing the text using a reverse method with chalk on paper. A final coat of lacquer and they are good to go.  I love them, and think that every operating theatre should have one above the door saying ‘Surgery’ on it….

‘Rocket Queen’ tattoo parlour Interior – Part 1


My fabulous friend Charmaigne is opening a tattoo parlour , and we have been coming up with ideas to transform what is basically a HUGE empty space with creative ideas and a low-as-possible budget.  The shop consists of a vast reception area, two treatment rooms, a tiny staff room, WC and the main tattoo studio.  Various people will work in the shop; tattoo artists, a reflexologist, manicurist, and a laser tattoo removal specialist.

Most parlours we have seen are very male orientated – lots of photos of tattoos on the walls, big black leather sofas and quite cold in style.  We want to make a welcoming, fun, entertaining space for Charmaigne’s customers and their friends, and came up with a hybrid of Boudoir, Circus and Fantasy inspired ideas for the main reception space.  Lots of large scale props will be added later as decoration from pinball machines to pop art to a large scaled rocket.

Stripping Out:

The blank canvas was really daunting; lumpy rendered walls, awful suspended ceilings, and floors that were mixed levels and in a very sorry state.  A massive strip out followed, with new ceilings going up followed by plastering some wall areas.  The floors had to be stripped and made level.  Lighting was replaced with directional spotlights.

The first space you enter is the large reception area.  We chose an dark aubergine purple for the walls to warm up the large space.  Here is the first coat going up onto the very textured walls, (horrid to paint).  New ceilings and lighting had to be installed.    Rich gold is being used on skirting and door frames, this ties into planned decorative items being added later into the scheme.  Charmaigne has basically bought all the gold paint in the county for this project to date….


The main tattoo workroom has to be very hygenic, and follow strict Health and Safety rules with non-porous surfaces.  We decided to follow a clinical/institutional theme in this room and play on the operating theatre theme of cleanliness!  The films ‘Dead Ringers’ is the inspiration for this space.  It also has existing security bars on the windows that have to stay, adding an slight prison feel to the room.  Metro tiles half way up the walls were applied to start which will have very dark grey grout, and a plasterer booked to come and skim the remaining walls and ceilings to provide a good base to paint on.  The walls will be a deep dark grey to offset the tiles and bright lights needed for tattooing.   The flooring is ordered; very dark grey lino which again is hygenic and practical.

IMG_9330There is a small staff area and WC, it is really dark and small so a deep red was used and the gold carried through, here it is after coat 1 of paint:

IMG_9329We have done the first shopping trip to gather a variety of furniture and decorative items, sooo excited!!!!  Watch this space for the developing world of Rocket Queen as it comes together…